8 Solar myths busted

Let’s debunk some of the myths surrounding solar energy. We believe that solar is the energy of the future as more and more people switch to this clean, green energy source.

Myth 1: It's not sunny enough in the UK

The UK isn’t known for having particularly warm weather, it’s true. But did you know that solar panels require light to function—not just sunlight. They produce electricity and help you save money even on cloudy days, though they are undoubtedly more efficient on a bright, sunny day.

Even on sunny, chilly winter days, electricity production is comparable to that of a hot summer day. Germany, which leads the world in solar panel production, the UK, China, and Italy are just a few examples of nations with effective systems.

Myth 2: When the sun sets, solar panels can no longer produce electricity.

Although solar PV systems can only produce electricity during the day, storage innovations like batteries allow you to store excess energy produced during the day and utilise it at night. This extends the useful life of your solar panels and can even be used to power an electric car.

Myth 3: The expense of solar energy makes it unprofitable.

We all understand the need of reducing our impact on the environment, and going solar is a terrific way to start. The UK’s overall carbon emissions decrease the more people who have solar panels installed on their homes. By adopting solar, you may produce renewable energy for your home and the grid while reducing your reliance on the old oil and gas pollutants that contribute to climate change.

From 2009 to 2015, we see that investments in solar panels have generally increased as they became more accessible. Their typical prices have decreased by around 30%. In fact, using solar energy to create power is more affordable globally than using coal.

Myth 4: Solar power technology is still too new. Better to wait until it is established.

Solar energy has been used for many years, and prices have decreased recently. The cost of solar electricity has decreased by about three-quarters since 2010, it is expected to decrease by another half by 2020. We all know that solar energy is here to stay, and the sooner you install it, the sooner you can start saving. Read about the average price of solar panels in the UK.

Myth 5: With solar panels, selling your house will be more difficult.

Many experts think they increase value because they lower energy bills and usage, making your home greener. Solar panels are likely to be a selling point rather than a sticking point in the future, given that people’s concerns about the environment and their energy bills are growing.

Solar panels would raise your home’s property value. According to numerous studies, houses with solar panels often sell more quickly than houses without them. Solar panels can cost between £5,000 and 8,000, but you save money in the long run since they increase the value of your property by an average of £14,000, but this depends entirely on how much it will be worth.

Myth 6: Once a solar panel's lifespan is up, it is terrible for the environment.

Solar panels are intended to last for a maximum of 25 years before being recycled. It all depends on the manufacturer you choose to install your solar panels, however it can be difficult to determine if they will be recycled because the majority of solar panels are still in good condition. Furthermore, some manufacturers will even recycle them at no cost to you.

Myth 7: The cost of solar panels depends on how big your house is.

Each homeowner’s unique needs are taken into consideration while designing solar panels. The angle and slope of your home’s roof are important considerations when estimating the cost to install solar panels. When constructing, the roof’s surroundings are also taken into account to ensure that it is placed in a location with easy access to sunlight and is not obscured by nearby trees or structures. If you are interested in how solar panels work read about it on our blog.

Myth 8: There's no point us attempting to become greener in the UK because other countries aren't doing their bit

A record number of solar panels are being deployed worldwide. As a result, although we in the UK are doing our part to reduce emissions, you can be sure that other nations are also doing the same. And the massive expansion of the solar industry globally is a powerful reaction to the threat of climate change as stated in the Paris Climate Agreement.

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