Homeowner: Jane Davies, Cardiff.


In the bustling city of Cardiff, homeowner Jane Davies embarked on a transformative journey toward sustainability with the installation of a state-of-the-art 10 kW solar panel system.

This case study delves into Jane’s experience, from her initial motivation sparked by the escalating energy costs to the intricate details of her system’s installation and performance.

With 23 panels and an advanced battery system from SolarEdge, Jane’s story unfolds, revealing the tangible impact of solar power on her everyday life and finances.

She navigates the complexities of solar technology, highlighting the realities of grid dependency, battery management, and the financial implications of such a significant investment.

As we explore her journey, we also gain insights into the broader context of renewable energy adoption in the UK, touching upon the importance of credible installers, the nuances of different energy tariffs, and the environmental ethos driving individuals like Jane to change.

This case study offers a detailed account of one Cardiff homeowner’s transition to solar energy and serves as a beacon for others considering a similar path in the UK, illuminating the practicalities, challenges, and rewards of embracing renewable technology.

Key Information:

  • Jane has a 10 kW solar panel system, consisting of 23 individual panels.
  • SolarEdge Home Battery – 10kWh Battery
  • The system saves her around 70% of her annual energy bills.
  • Current projections place the payback period at around 7 to 8 years.

Jane’s Solar Journey Q&A:


Q: Can you tell us about your solar panel system and battery?


A: “I have a 23-panel solar system, around 10kw in size, roof-mounted with optimisers. The SolarEdge battery system complements it.”

Q: What motivated you to invest in solar panels?


A: “With my energy bills set to double, solar panels seemed like a practical solution. I also wanted to reduce my carbon footprint.”

Q: How has your experience been since buying the solar panels?


A: “It’s been enlightening. I’ve learned a lot about energy management and enjoy the financial savings. Plus, it feels great to be more eco-friendly.”

Q: Could you describe the process with Solar Planet after requesting a quote for solar panels?


A: “Upon reaching out to Solar Planet, I was immediately impressed with their approach. They provided up to four different quotes by connecting me with multiple MCS-accredited installers in my area. This allowed me to review a range of options, comparing everything from pricing and system specifications to the unique services each installer offered.

The advantage of receiving several quotes was immense. It granted me the flexibility to choose an installer who was not just within my budget but also aligned perfectly with my specific solar requirements. This method ensured I was getting a competitive deal, without compromising on service quality.

The personalisation of each quote was particularly noteworthy. Although Solar Planet themselves didn’t create the quotes, their network of MCS-accredited installers considered factors like the size of my home, my energy usage patterns, and roof orientation. This ensured that the solutions offered were tailored specifically for me.

It was the installers, recommended by Solar Planet, who provided the expert guidance. They helped me understand the nuances of each quote, making sure I grasped what set each option apart. This support was crucial in helping me make an informed decision.

Knowing that all these installers were MCS-accredited gave me a great sense of confidence. I wasn’t just choosing an installation service; I was selecting a partner who was verified for their quality and reliability. That level of assurance was significant in making my final decision.”

Q: Do you have a solar battery, and how do you utilise it?


A: “Indeed, I do have a solar battery system. It’s been a game-changer in how I manage my home’s energy use. The battery effectively stores any excess energy generated by the solar panels. This has led me to adjust my daily power usage habits to make the most of the solar energy available. I’m increasingly fascinated, almost to the point of obsession, with the monitoring app. It’s quite captivating to watch the battery charge up and see firsthand the tangible results of my solar investment.”

Q: How often do you need to rely on grid electricity now?


A: “Less often than before, mainly when the battery is low. But overall, my grid dependence has significantly decreased.”

Q: Can you share the financial benefits you’ve seen since installation?


A: “My electricity bills have dropped drastically. It’s satisfying to see such a return on investment.”

Q: Would you recommend solar panels to others, and why?


A: “Without a doubt, I would wholeheartedly recommend solar panels to others. The decision to switch to solar energy goes beyond just the financial aspect; it’s a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle. In my experience, the savings on energy bills are just the tip of the iceberg. The real value lies in the significant reduction of one’s carbon footprint, actively contributing to a greener future.

Moreover, the journey with Solar Planet was pivotal in my decision. While they primarily played a role in connecting me with skilled MCS-accredited installers, their network’s quality and the array of choices they provided were instrumental. It was more than just an installation service; it was about being part of a community moving towards renewable energy. The process was transparent and informative, empowering me to make a choice that wasn’t just good for me financially, but also beneficial for the planet.

Additionally, seeing the tangible impact of my decision every day – from the efficiency of the panels to the user-friendly monitoring systems – is incredibly fulfilling. It’s reassuring to know that I’m utilising a clean energy source and lessening my dependence on traditional, non-renewable energy sources.

So yes, I would recommend solar panels, not just for the cost savings and energy independence they offer but for the broader environmental impact. And with a provider like Solar Planet, who facilitates access to reliable and expert installation services, making the shift to solar energy is a seamless and rewarding experience.”

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