In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, Solar Planet shines as a guiding light in South Wales and South West England. Specialising in connecting customers with premier solar panel installers, Solar Planet is at the forefront of making solar energy accessible and reliable.

Streamlined Process for Ease and Efficiency


Solar Planet recognises the complexities involved in transitioning to solar energy. To simplify this journey, we offer a streamlined, user-friendly process. From your initial contact, Solar Planet’s partners expertly navigate you through every stage, alleviating the usual challenges of finding qualified installers. We provide a seamless transition to solar energy, particularly tailored for those in South Wales and South West England.

Tailored Options in Your Region with MCS Accreditation


In South Wales and South West England, Solar Planet boasts an extensive network of MCS-accredited installers. This accreditation is a benchmark for quality, ensuring that all solar panel installations comply with the highest industry standards. This means that when you choose an installer through Solar Planet, you’re not just getting local expertise; you’re also assured of superior quality and adherence to rigorous safety and performance standards. Our MCS-accredited professionals are equipped to offer bespoke solutions that respect the unique landscape, architectural styles, and climatic conditions of your region, ensuring that your solar installation is as efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Find The Best Solar Panel InstallersCompetitive Quotes and Guaranteed Quality


Opting for Solar Planet means receiving multiple competitive quotes from these accredited installers, ensuring not only fair pricing but also a choice that aligns perfectly with your needs and budget. Each installer in our network is rigorously vetted for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to customer service.

Effortless Installation and Long-Term Benefits


Customers in South Wales and South West England who have partnered with Solar Planet often praise our partner’s efficient installation process and the high quality of the solar panels. Post-installation, they enjoy the perks of sustainable energy, lower electricity bills, and contributing to environmental conservation, all thanks to Solar Planet’s dedication to promoting renewable energy solutions.



For those in South Wales and South West England, Solar Planet is more than a service provider; it’s a partner in your eco-friendly journey. With a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and our network of skilled, MCS-accredited installers, Solar Planet makes finding the best solar panel installer a fulfilling and straightforward process. Join the sustainable energy movement with Solar Planet and step into a brighter, greener future. Get your solar panels & battery quotes now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do Solar Planet cover in South Wales and South West England?

Solar Planet serves a broad range of areas within South Wales and South West England. This includes major cities, towns, and rural areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage for a variety of residential and commercial needs.

What makes MCS accreditation important for solar panel installers?

MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accreditation signifies that an installer adheres to strict quality and performance standards. It guarantees that the solar panels are installed professionally and safely and that they meet the high standards required for efficiency and environmental impact.

How does Solar Planet ensure the quality of its installers?

Solar Planet rigorously vets all installers in our network for professionalism, expertise, and customer service. This includes ensuring that they have the necessary qualifications, like MCS accreditation, and a proven track record of high-quality installations and customer satisfaction.

Can Solar Planet help me if I have a unique property or specific requirements?

Yes. The MCS-accredited installers in our network are experienced in dealing with a variety of properties and can offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements, whether you have a traditional home, a modern building, or unique architectural features. They can also help if your property is in a conservation area or a listed building.

What should I expect in terms of quotes and pricing?

With Solar Planet, you’ll receive multiple competitive quotes from local installers, allowing you to compare and choose the best option for your budget and energy needs. The quotes will be transparent, with no hidden costs, ensuring you make an informed decision.

How long does the installation process take?

The duration of the installation process can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, Solar Planet’s installers are known for their efficiency and professionalism, striving to minimise disruption and complete installations promptly.

How can I start the process with Solar Planet?

You can begin by using our user-friendly quote form. You will then be contacted by up to 4 of our MCS-accredited in your area.

Expert, local installers

All installations are carried out by careful, caring, qualified MCS-accredited engineers.

It’s as easy as...

Man holding questions for Solar Panels on Solar Planet website

Answer a few questions about your home or business

Receive up to 4 quotes from our trusted installers in your area

Solar Planet Partner installing Solar Panels

They install your new system in as little as 2 weeks

What our customers say

I was thinking about getting solar for my home and stumbled upon The site's super easy to get, breaking down all the solar jargon. After reading up for a bit, I filled out their quote form. The next day, I got calls and emails from three solar companies in South Wales. Chatted with all of them, got quotes, and went ahead with one. The whole experience was smooth, and all the companies seemed top-notch. Big thumbs up!

Caroline McleanCardiff Resident

Running a business, those rising energy bills were starting to pinch. So, we thought, 'Why not try solar?' A quick online search led us to Solar Planet. Filling out their quote form was a breeze, and guess what! The very next day, three solar experts from Bristol gave us a shout. They were all super helpful and knew their stuff. Picking one was tough since they all had great offers. And a big relief! They all had this MCS accreditation – a real peace of mind with all those dodgy stories you hear these days.

Daniel JonesOn The Blink - Commercial Business in Bristol

It couldn't have been easier! Initially, we were scratching our heads trying to find a trustworthy company. Then, thanks to a quick Google search by my husband, we landed on Solar Planet. He filled out their quote form, and the next day, three different solar installers rang us up. We've been over the moon with both the installation and the ongoing support. They guided us through the whole process from installation to helping us find the best energy provider for solar power.

Ceri BurkeSwansea Resident