How long does a solar panel installation take?

The majority of installations take one day to complete, but larger jobs may take a little longer. Once we have the size of the system you require, we will inform you.
We’ll put up your scaffolding a few days before your solar installation and take it down a few days later, taking care to leave your property clean and tidy in the process.

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Solar Panels Installation FAQ's

Is my home suitable for solar panel installation?

Whether your roof faces south, east, or west your home is perfect to have solar photovoltaic panels installed. North facing roofs will not receive as much sunlight and therefore won’t be as efficient. The pitch of your roof should be between 10 – 60 degrees,

Do I need to get planning permission to get solar panels installed?

Having solar panels installed in your home is classed as a “permitted development”. You only require planning permission if you live in a listed building or area of outstanding natural beauty.

Can I put up my own scaffolding?

In most circumstances we will insist on putting up our own scaffold, to ensure the safety of you and our solar panel installers, however there are exceptions when scaffold is already in place for renovation works or a new build home is being built, but that scaffold would have to meet with our safety standards.

How long does it take from consultation to install?

Our lead time from consultation to solar panel installation is around 4-6 weeks, unless you need an application to your local network – then it can take a little bit longer.