Solar Panels Case Study: Ceri Burke, Cardiff, South Wales

We spoke with Ceri Burke, a 67-year-old office worker, about her experience with solar technology. Ceri and her husband Michael had her solar panels and a battery system installed on their home in Cardiff by one of our trusted partners. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: How long have you had your solar panels?

“We had our solar panels & battery system installed in June 2022 at a cost of £7,800 which also included installation & scaffolding. We live in a 3-bed house so we opted for a 3.5kwh capacity”

Q: Why did you decide to get solar panels?

“As I am now working from home the majority of the month and the fact we are now dealing with high energy bills myself and Michael thought it was a no-brainer to try and reduce our energy bills with solar whilst also doing our bit for the environment.”

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Q: Are you pleased you had solar panels installed?

“With the use of the battery, I’m finding I don’t need to use the grid at all at present, we now get almost 100% of power from solar panels, which has been a massive benefit. When the winter comes and there is less sun, I might need to rely on the grid slightly”

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Q: What was the processs like from initial quote to generating your own power?

“It was very smooth and seamless. My husband found Solar Planet via a Google search. We had a good read about their services and guide pages before going ahead and filling out the quote form. We had an email straight back saying that Solar Planets’ trusted partner would be in contact within 24 hours of the request. We had a phone call the next day to organise a home visit with the partner. They came to the house the following week to discuss our options. They were very professional and knowledgeable. Measurements were taken of our roof. The next couple of days they sent us a quotation for the system size we needed. The quote was very detailed and showed our potential savings. We agreed on an installation date and before we knew it the scaffolding was up and we had panels on the roof and a battery in the garage.”

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Q: Have you managed to break even on your solar panels?

“Not yet, no, but with the current energy prices our current payback time is only between 4 – 6 years.”

Q: How do you monitor your solar panels electricity generation?

“We have an app that is connected to our system via the internet. It’s very easy to understand. It gives you real-time system production and household energy consumption, keeping you in control of your energy usage and savings. Our app is the mysolaredge app

Q: How likely are you to reccomend Solar Planet?

“We have told all our friends to use Solar Planet. They are tremendous. Everything was so simple from filling out the quote form to arranging the home visit. I would highly recommend Solar Planet if you’re looking to install solar on your home. 10 out 10.”