Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Through our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Solar Planet has teamed up with the UK’s top financial institutions to provide business customers with a free, fully maintained Solar PV System.

We will cover the full cost of installing your commercial solar PV system, letting your company profit from solar power while keeping your capital intact. Use our funds now to begin your clean energy adventure, and if you so desire, later on, at the correct time, you can buy the system back from us.

Commercial factory with PPA on roof

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

An arrangement by which two parties, usually a power producer and a customer, enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA).

We can help coordinate the design, secure the appropriate permits, and oversees the construction of a solar PV system. While the contract is in effect, the customer receives a drastically discounted electricity rate to help balance the costs from their utility provider, and the developer makes money by selling the electricity that is generated.

A PPA provides a practical way to benefit from solar PV without having to accept the responsibilities of being a solar system owner and operator. A PPA also accommodates enterprises who wish to put their money back into their primary operations.

We guarantee your system functions as expected and generates the anticipated savings not just today, but for at least the next 25 years. This is supported by long-term, proactive management and maintenance efforts.

How do solar PV and on-site Power Purchase Agreements function?

A large-scale rooftop installation on a commercial or industrial (C&I) site or a ground-mount installation on neighbouring land are two options for on-site solar PV generation.

It is also feasible for Commercial and industrial energy consumers to enter into a private wire agreement directly with a nearby renewable generator, but these agreements are more complicated and still relatively uncommon. On-site PPA structures are by definition site and circumstance specific.

Most on-site Power Purchase Agreements with solar PV should comply with the following criteria in order to be successful.

Solar on roof of factory

The consumer’s electricity demand status must be sufficiently high, steady, and time-matched for the solar PV-generated electricity to be well suited to meeting it. An example is a cold storage facility with stable round-the-clock demand or a manufacturing plant with its highest demand during daylight hours.

Large solar roof factory

The site must be able to be hosted on-site or close by in a suitable physical location (whether ground-mounted or roof-mounted). As a general guideline, 1 square metre of roof area would be needed for every kW of solar PV capacity, but this may vary greatly depending on the shape and design of the roof (angled or flat) and whether it is blocked by ventilation units or other structures of a similar nature. At least 1.6 hectares (4 acres) will be needed for every MW of a large ground-mount PV plant.

Commercial factory with PPA on roof

Any rooftop or ground-mounted on-site energy generation development in England or Wales that is 1 MW or greater will almost certainly need planning permission from the appropriate local government.

energy grid

The local distribution grid must have an access link.

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To enable the financing of the generator’s assets, the customer must be regarded as creditworthy enough.

What advantages can a Solar Power Purchase Agreement offer my company?

No capital investment 

The expense of creating the generator itself does not need to be covered up front by the energy consumer. This means that the consumer can start saving money right now and continue to do so for the entire life of the contract.

Immediate cost reduction in energy

Large electricity consumers can take advantage of on-site or nearby renewable energy sources by using on-site power purchase agreements (PPAs), while also avoiding grid-based electricity purchases’ “non-commodity” fees and volatile wholesale prices. With a solar PPA, the cost of power is fixed for the duration of the agreement, and the owner of the solar PV facility has a long-term customer guarantee.

Green credentials without the expense

Improve your business’s environmental awareness and relations with environmentally conscious clients, partners, and employees.

No upkeep or insurance fees

Under a long-term operation and maintenance contract, we actively manage the system and provide insurance coverage at no additional cost to you.

Future planning and preservation

You can more effectively plan your budget because the price per unit of power produced by the solar PV system will only increase in line with RPI.

Fully transferable

Should you relocate to a new location, the Power Purchase Agreement will be transferred to the new owners of the property.

How does a Solar Power Purchase Agreement work

  • We evaluate your roof’s potential and consolidate data on your current electricity use and costs.
  • We present you with a proposal outlining the projected financial savings and carbon reduction.
  • You consent to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement with us and to lease us the airspace above your roof.
  • We install the solar PV system with minimal disruption to your business
  • For around 25 years, you enjoy lower electricity bills, free system operation, and no maintenance fees.
  • After 25 years, ownership of the system is transferred to you, allowing you to continue using solar energy for no cost for the remaining 10 years of the system’s lifespan.

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Commercial Solar Panels Installation

If Power Purchase Agreements arent for you check out our Commercial Solar Panels Installation page for more information on how we can help your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the solar PV system malfunctions or experiences a failure if I choose a PPA?

If there is a fault, our remote monitoring system will notify us immediately, and as part of our long-term operations and maintenance contract, we are in charge of fixing the issue. We only design and install high-quality equipment backed by lengthy warranties and guarantees in order to reduce the chance of any such problems.

What happens if I move or sell my property after agreeing to PPA?

The Power Purchase Agreement and the roof space lease are passed to the new building owner if you move or sell your property within the agreed term. They will then continue to benefit from the discounted clean, green electricity the system generates.

Can I put up my own scaffolding?

In most circumstances we will insist on putting up our own scaffold, to ensure the safety of you and our solar panel installers, however there are exceptions when scaffold is already in place for renovation works or a new build home is being built, but that scaffold would have to meet with our safety standards.

How long does it take from consultation to install?

Our lead time from consultation to solar panel installation is around 4-6 weeks, unless you need an application to your local network – then it can take a little bit longer.

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