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Things to ask before getting a solar panel quote

As the solar industry flourishes, the choice of installers can be overwhelming. We’re here to streamline your selection process, offering guidance for engaging with our certified solar PV installers. Here’s what you should inquire:

Confirming Installer Credentials


Ensure your installer is accredited by a reputable certification, such as the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). This guarantees a standard of quality and offers recourse should issues arise. Lucky for you we have done this for you. We only work with the best. All our solar panel installers have to pass our strict criteria before being able to join our platform. They must have a good track record of quality installations, great customer service, industry-leading products and most all the MCS certification. Read more about the MCS certification.

The Importance of a Tailored Structural Report


A bespoke structural report is indispensable. Insist on a detailed assessment of your roof’s capacity to bear the additional weight of solar panels.

solar panel quote ukAssessing Roof Readiness


Approximately 65% of roofs may require reinforcement. Our qualified installers should provide a clear evaluation and an upfront cost estimate for any necessary strengthening.

Secure and Efficient Panel Installation


Question the specific mounting systems to be used, which should support optimal airflow and withstand extreme weather conditions, thus ensuring the longevity of your solar panels.

Shading Analysis for Optimal Performance


Even minor shading can significantly reduce the output of solar panels. A comprehensive shading analysis, typically using specialised software, will give you a projection of potential energy generation losses. This analysis can guide the placement of panels to minimise the impact of shading and ensure maximum efficiency.

Transparency in InstallationTransparency in Installation


Confirm who will be directly handling the installation. Companies should be upfront about any subcontracting used for scaffolding or installation. Here at Solar Planet our partners only subcontract the scaffolding the actual installation process will be completed to a high standard by our partner.

Understanding Warranties


Clarify the length and extent of warranties offered, both for the solar panels and the inverter, which is vital for the system’s operation.

Clarifying the Complete Costs


Finally, inquire whether the quotation includes additional elements like monitoring systems, which are essential for tracking the performance of your investment. By ensuring these key points are addressed, you’ll be well on your way to a successful solar panel installation.

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Understanding the Solar Panel & Battery Storage Installation Process With Solar Planet

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications should my solar panel installer have?

Your installer should be certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) or an equivalent body to ensure quality and eligibility for certain benefits. All our solar panel installers are MCS-accredited.

Why do I need a structural report before installation?

A structural report assesses your roof’s capacity to handle the weight and dynamics of solar panels, ensuring safety and preventing future structural issues.

Should I expect additional costs for roof strengthening?

Depending on the current state of your roof, reinforcement may be necessary, which could add to the installation costs.

How are solar panels attached to my roof?

Solar panels can be mounted using various systems that should provide stability and airflow; ask your installer about the specific mounting strategy they use.

What impact does shading have on solar panel efficiency?

Shading from trees, buildings, or other structures can significantly reduce the energy yield of your panels. A shading analysis will help estimate this impact.

Who will install the solar panels?

Here at Solar Planet our partners never outsource the installation of solar panels or battery storage. They may outsource the scaffolding to a reputable company.

What warranties are provided with solar panel installation?

Warranties typically cover the panels and inverter for a set number of years. Confirm the duration and what components are included.

Are there any hidden costs in the solar panel quote?

Ensure the quote is all-encompassing, including any additional costs for monitoring systems or potential roof work.

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I was thinking about getting solar for my home and stumbled upon The site's super easy to get, breaking down all the solar jargon. After reading up for a bit, I filled out their quote form. The next day, I got calls and emails from three solar companies in South Wales. Chatted with all of them, got quotes, and went ahead with one. The whole experience was smooth, and all the companies seemed top-notch. Big thumbs up!

Caroline McleanCardiff Resident

Running a business, those rising energy bills were starting to pinch. So, we thought, 'Why not try solar?' A quick online search led us to Solar Planet. Filling out their quote form was a breeze, and guess what! The very next day, three solar experts from Bristol gave us a shout. They were all super helpful and knew their stuff. Picking one was tough since they all had great offers. And a big relief! They all had this MCS accreditation – a real peace of mind with all those dodgy stories you hear these days.

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It couldn't have been easier! Initially, we were scratching our heads trying to find a trustworthy company. Then, thanks to a quick Google search by my husband, we landed on Solar Planet. He filled out their quote form, and the next day, three different solar installers rang us up. We've been over the moon with both the installation and the ongoing support. They guided us through the whole process from installation to helping us find the best energy provider for solar power.

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