Solar Planet recognises the significance of safeguarding your investment in solar technology. This guide delves into the nuances of insuring your solar panels, ensuring you’re well-informed and secure in your sustainable energy choice.

Solar Panel Coverage under Home Insurance


Typically, your home insurance policy extends to cover solar panels as they are considered a part of your home’s structure. It’s crucial to inform your insurer about your solar panel installation to guarantee coverage.

Solar Panel InsuranceInsurance Policy Essentials


A robust home insurance policy should offer protection for your solar panels against:

  • Environmental Damage: This includes harm from storms, hail, and other natural events.
  • Theft: While uncommon, solar panel theft is a possibility.
  • Fire: Coverage for fire damage is vital, albeit the risk of electrical faults leading to fires is minimal.

Impact on Insurance Premiums


Installing solar panels can sometimes increase insurance premiums, but this is often balanced by the energy cost savings and added property value they provide.

Solar Inverter Insurance


When it comes to the solar inverter – a critical component that converts direct current into alternating current for home use – you generally don’t need a separate insurance policy. The inverter, just like other parts of your solar panel system, should be covered under your standard home insurance. This is advantageous, as dedicated inverter insurance could be costly. While inverters typically have a shorter lifespan than the panels, usually up to 15 years, choosing a high-quality model ensures longevity and reliability.

Specialised Solar Panel Insurance


For those with extensive or high-cost systems, specialised solar panel insurance is an option, offering tailored coverage for more comprehensive protection.

Importance of Maintenance and Warranties


Maintaining your solar panels is key to their longevity. Most come with a long-term manufacturer’s warranty, and a good installer will offer a workmanship warranty too.

Choosing the Right Installer


Opting for a reliable installer, such as the MCS-accredited professionals we connect you with at Solar Planet, is vital for quality installation and can influence your solar system’s insurance coverage.



Embracing solar energy is both environmentally and economically beneficial. Proper insurance coverage for your solar panels offers peace of mind. At Solar Planet, we guide you through every aspect of your solar journey, including navigating the world of solar panel insurance.

So what are you waiting for start your solar energy journey today and get your free no-obligation quotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar panels increase home insurance premiums?

While installing solar panels can sometimes slightly increase your insurance premiums, this is typically offset by the savings on energy bills and the potential increase in your property’s value.

Are solar panels usually covered under standard home insurance policies?

Yes, most home insurance policies cover solar panels as they are considered part of the home’s structure. However, it’s essential to inform your insurance provider about the solar panel installation to ensure they are included in your coverage.

Is separate insurance needed for a solar inverter?

No, a separate solar inverter insurance policy is generally not necessary. The inverter, along with other parts of your solar panel system, should be covered under your standard home insurance policy.

How long do solar inverters typically last?

A well-made solar inverter can last up to 15 years, though they generally have a shorter lifespan than solar PV panels.

How important is maintenance for solar panels?

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your solar panels. It also ensures that your panels remain covered under warranty and your insurance policy.

Why is choosing the right installer important for insurance purposes?

Choosing a reputable, MCS-accredited installer, like those connected by Solar Planet, ensures high-quality installation and can positively influence how your solar panels are covered by insurance.

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